April Favourites

April 2014 Favourites
I'm going to start my favourites off this month with my biker style leather jacket from Whistles. This is something I pull out year after year when it's not quite warm enough to go sans-jacket but it's not cold enough to wear a proper coat. I did persevere with my wonderfully cosy, moss green textured boyfriend coat from Topshop because I'm head over heels in love with it but I was aware that as people dusted off their flip flops and sunglasses I was beginning to look like a loon. This jacket isn't exactly the same as my own as I got mine about 3 years ago but Whistles seem to release similar styles every season in their eternally-popular leather jackets so you can pretty much always find the same one in there. If you're thinking of getting yourself a leather jacket make sure it is actually leather. I know there are some well designed leather-look jackets out there that will save you one or two hundred quid to go towards your summer hols but it just really isn't worth it in the long run. Real leather jackets last much longer, in fact with time they just get nicer as the leather becomes soft, supple and slouchy. Also cheap, imitation leather is what makes you feel like a sweaty mess trapped in a bin bag (you know how your feet feel when you're wearing cheap pumps from New Look?). So put down that stiff, shiny "pleather" jacket and buy a real leather one. 

Next is my furry slip on pumps from Topshop. I did originally buy the silver faux croc skin ones of these but after being told by several of my friends and my mum that they were "absolutely disgusting" I took them back and swapped them for these. I'm actually really pleased that I gave in to their abuse because I love these a lot more. They're a really good dupe of the Windsor Smith pony hair slip-ons and they're so easy to wear; I'm yet to find an outfit which they don't look great with, from black ripped skinny jeans to a leather skirt and tights. Go on, jump on the bandwagon! 

Up until recently I hadn't worn lipgloss since I was 13 years old, listening to Akon, wearing a denim mini skirt and hanging out at KFC but a few months ago I found myself regularly stealing my mum's Bobbi Brown lipgloss and absolutely loving the look and feel of wearing it again. I felt pangs of nostalgia as I dipped the wand in to the gloss, layered it on and pressed my lips together. Whilst I was worried I would look like something from a Noughties revival band I actually thought it looked quite chic and minimalistic. I've now got myself the Bare Sparkle shade in the High Shimmer Gloss (the name's of the shades are just as beautiful as the glosses themselves, my favourites are Candlelight, Bellini, Bronzed Heather and Electric Violet) and I wear it all the time. It makes my complexion look healthier, it seems to bring out my eyes and gives my whole face a healthy glow. I can't wait to wear it with a natural tan this summer! Note: Do not wear this on a windy day if you have long hair, I spent the entire trip to the park peeling my hair off my mouth.

I feel like I'm Origins' biggest fan. If you haven't yet nosed around the Origins counter I urge you to get down there and buy something! It's a very natural brand that was launched by the son of Estee Lauder so you know it's going to be good. So far I have only purchased the Checks and Balances creamy face wash, which is very good and has lasted forever even though I use it every morning but I've received the Make A Difference + serum and the Clear Improvment charcoal mask as samples, both were seriously amazing and I plan on buying them as soon as my bank account will allow it. Anyway, I purchased this Make A Difference + rejuvinating moisturiser about 3 weeks ago when I started getting patches of dry skin from going slightly overboard with the Effaclar Duo (still miracle cream by the way) and it has done my skin absolute wonders! It's a very light but hydrating cream that smells beautiful, feels silky and absorbs quickly. I apply it as a night cream and most of the time I won't need to apply a moisturiser the next morning because my skin is so plumped up and alive! I really can't recommend this brand enough, buy anything from there and I guarantee you'll love it.

Another thing I was stealing from my mum until recently is the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder. This is such a great powder to stop shine as it stays on for hours and the range of colours seems to suit every skin tone. For days when I can't be bothered to deal with my face this is my favourite go-to product. 

Finally is Benefit's Gimme Brow which you have no doubt heard a lot about. After reading some very mixed reviews I didn't really know what to expect from this tiny bottle but I actually really like it. I purchased the darker of the two shades and it adds volume to my brows, giving a slightly bushier look, it makes them darker and keeps them firmly in place for the whole day. I know a lot of people have been saying that it doesn't make a noticeable enough difference to their brows but I personally think that when it comes to brows subtle changes are what it's all about, I want them to look like they're naturally that dark or full and this is certainly a product that does just that! 


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