Summer Vegetable Frittata

Okay, I know I'm a bit late in the frittata game. I can hear you thinking "um, yeah we've been making those since Food Tech at school". But hear me out, until now I've never really got frittata's. I'd only managed to make sad, slimy things that were tasteless and a bit greasy. Every time I tried to make a frittata it left me feeling beaten by what is essentially a fancy omlette, and then this delicious dinner changed it all. 

It was the middle of the week, we wanted a quick dinner that was cheap, light and yummy. For all these reasons I thought I would give it one more go. After it turned out absolutely delicious I realised everything I'd been doing wrong in the past. I had always put far too much oil in the pan, not enough yummy bits like onions, potatoes, herbs or veggies and I was adding wayyy too much cheese (yep, it is actually possible to have too much cheese) so the end result was a greasy bit of egg slop with a couple of mushrooms chucked in. Disaster. 

This dreamy frittata is nothing like my past mistakes. It's completely packed full of good bits; peas, broad beans (side note - plucking broad beans from their fluffy, cosy sleeping bag-pod is now my favourite kitchen job) asparagus, new potatoes, shallots, dill and a sprinkling of salty feta. It tastes so fresh and has a slight tangy flavour from the dill, which is perfect for a summer meal. The eggs were perfectly cooked and puffed up nicely under the grill so that it has a very light texture and every now there was a little chunk of creamy feta.

We had lots leftover so it not only fed us both for dinner but also for 2 days worth of lunches! 
I'm a complete convert to frittata's so from now on I'll be using up any leftovers like this, I can't wait to try using up spicy roasted sweet potato, salad nicoise, cooked salmon or garlicky black beans. 
Makes 8 slices
olive oil
3 shallots, sliced
3 new potatoes, boiled and chopped in to chunks
1/3 block feta
8 eggs
2 handfuls frozen peas, defrosted in the microwave
1 packet asparagus
1 packet broad beans
1 handful fresh dill, roughly chopped
salt and pepper
To serve:
a bag of peppery salad e.g. a rocket mix
1 handful radishes, sliced 
A drizzle of dijon-balsamic dressing
Turn hob on to high heat and have the grill on ready. 
1. Crack all eggs in to a large bowl and whisk
2.  Remove broad beans from their pods, boil for 4 minutes then drain and run cold water over them until cooled. 
3. Slice woody ends off asparagus then on an angle slice each stem in half, boil for about 45 seconds then drain and run cold water of them until cooled.  
4. Add thinly sliced shallots to a large frying pan, add a pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil then fry until starting to go golden.
5. Add cooked potato chunks, fry for 1-2 minutes.
6. Reduce heat to medium then pour egg mixture in evenly. 
7. Add the vegetables, make sure you distribute them all evenly. 
8. Break the feta in to different sized chunks, some bigger than others, and dot around the pan. 
9. Sprinkle over the dill then leave to cook for 10 minutes. 
10. Take pan from hob and place under hot grill until the top starts to go a golden colour. 


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