Cherry and coconut overnight oats with honey and almond butter

There's something really special about cherries. It's the sweet juiciness of them and the way one punnet can vary in colour from bright pops of red to a shade so dark it's almost black. And the slightly complicated method of eating-chewing-spitting that's as moreish as cracking pistachios.

I've always thought cherries feel like more of a treat than any other fruit. There are photos of me as baby, sitting in a campsite in France, with a face covered in purple juice after working my way through a whole bag. Even de-stoning cherries for recipes like these overnight oats is a joy. It's one of those kitchen tasks which is so methodical it sends you into a bit of a trance.

I saw a post on Instagram of porridge topped with cherries and thought it looked like a proper weekend brekkie, a real upgrade from muesli or toast, so I tried adding them to my favourite coconut overnight oats.

I used Mornflake oats because they are sooo much more delicious and creamy than any other oats I've tried. You're probably thinking "oats are just oats, they're all taste the same" but honestly, the Mornflake ones are much better.

Obviously I covered the whole thing in almond butter because almond butter is life.

60-80g Mornflake Superfast Oats (depending on how hungry you are!)
1 tbsp chia seeds
150ml almond milk
2 tbsp Koko coconut yogurt
1 tsp vanilla extract

Fresh cherries
Drizzle of honey
Your favourite nut butter
Coconut yogurt
Chopped walnuts

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